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About Wing Chun

During the Ching Dynasty of China, Wing Chun Kung Fu was created from the life martial art experience of the Abbess Ng Mui during her latter years. Now, a few hundred years later, if one uses the modern scientific knowledge to analyze Wing Chun. Therefore, no matter which movements, [Siu Nim Tau], [Chum Kiu] or [Biu Gee], are backed up by the logic of physics, dynamics and the theory of body structure.

Grandmaster Ip Man plays a pivotal role in propagating Wing Chun Kung Fu worldwide and making it vibrant. Hence, its rapid growth demonstrates Wing Chun Kung Fu’s unique features pertaining to its success. So far there has not been any serious effort in documenting the intricacies of its creation. Also, Ng’s conception, theorizing and mental state; so that learners can share the opportunity of appreciating its beauty and being enlightened. Lacking this piece is a defect to perfection.

About Wing Chun - What is Wing Chun

“Wing Chun is a system of Kung Fu designed for inner health and realistic self-defense.

“Our lineage here at Mindful Wing Chun can be traced back seven generations directly to Ng Mui, the founder of Wing Chun and Ip Man.”

“In CST’s point of view, without correct understanding and ability in Siu Nim Tao, one is not able to bring forth the internal power and reach a high…

“Wing Chun Kung Fu is a perfect tool for both mental and physical training.


“There are 6 Forms in Wing Chun: 3 empty hand Forms, 2 weapons Forms and the Wooden Dummy Form.

“Simply stated, with Wing Chun you’ll be able to defend yourself effectively and quickly, regardless of your size, strength, age or gender”.

“The uses of Chinese Kung Fu have been prescribed by Chinese traditions for overall internal and external health.”