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Practice the entire Wing Chun Kung Fu System as passed down by Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin (Ip Man lineage). 

A step by step Wing Chun online course with access to hundreds of hours of comprehensive instructional videos. 

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This course has opened my eyes up to a world of possibilities I never knew existed within Wing Chun. Not only has my training been refreshed, but the internal aspect taught here has added a completely new dimension. The course offers an in-depth and concise look into this ancient art, and is a must for beginners and the experienced alike.

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Practice the Siu Nim Tao form, Wooden Dummy

Practice the Siu Nim Tao form, Wooden Dummy ...

Learn about the 6 forms in Wing Chun: 3 empty hand forms, 2 weapons forms and the Wooden Dummy

Learn dozens of self-defense techniques

Learn Dozens of Self-defense Techniques

With Wing Chun you’ll be able to defend yourself effectively and quickly, regardless of your size, strength, age or gender.

Wing Chun Health Benefits

Find Mental Calmness, Clarity and Focus

The Mindful Wing Chun system puts great emphasis on mental calm, balance, correct posture and mindful relaxation.

Features & Benefits



Features and benefits of Wing Chun

Learn Wing Chun online with Sifu Nima King and Team

The curriculum for this Wing Chun online course was put together by Sifu Nima King who has been teaching Wing Chun for over 20 years and spent close to ten thousand hours training under Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin over a period of 9 years. It is a comprehensive course from the very fundamentals to the pinnacle of the weapon forms and applications.

Sifu Nima King - Mindful Wing Chun Online Training

Nima King

Nima has over 20 years of Wing Chun teaching experience and is a certified Sifu in Wing Chun by the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (Ip Man’s official association). Since he began his Wing Chun practice, Nima has been training and teaching for over 50 hours a week.

Our Board of Happy Students and Experts

Meet our students and experts from all over the world. Learn Wing Chun online with us!

Mindful Wing Chun Online Training
Mindful Wing Chun Online Training
Mindful Wing Chun Online Training
Mindful Wing Chun Online Training