Mindful Wing Chun Awarded “The Best Online Kung Fu Martial Arts Class”

We are very thrilled and humbled to have been chosen as the winner of “The Best Online Kung Fu Martial Arts Class”. This article was written by Finn Reuben of Learnopoly, a company focusing on reviewing online courses globally.


Sifu Nima King’s course is arguably the most complete online Wing Chun course available. He covers an extensive range of content from strikes to stances to conditioning, and even meditation. Not to mention that his knowledge of the techniques and their meanings and applications is second to none within his style. If you’re looking to learn Wing Chun online, as well as delve into the more spiritual and holistic aspects of martial arts, this is the course for you.” 

Awarded for Best Online Kung Fu Martial Arts Class by Learnopoly

Platform: Mindful Wing Chun Online | Teacher: Nima King | Course length: 1400+video lessons totalling 500+ hours of content

Nima King is an Australia-based Wing Chun instructor with over ten years training experience under the tutelage of legendary Wing Chun grandmaster Chu Song Tin – one of the original pupils of Ip Man. 

Since Chu Song Tin’s passing in 2014, Nima King has continued to teach Wing Chun at his grandmaster’s dojo, and has amassed fourteen years of teaching experience in the process. 

Best Online Kung Fu Class -Mindful Wing Chun
Nima King on the right with Seb on the left

Mindful Wing Chun is Nima King’s online Wing Chun Kung Fu learning platform, where users can pay a monthly subscription to access hundreds of hours of Wing Chun learning content.

You will learn:

  • Fundamental Wing Chun strikes and blocks
  • Important Wing Chun combat principles, helping you understand why it works
  • How to apply Wing Chun techniques to real life self-defence scenarios
  • Exercise regimes to build strength and improve your posture
  • Forms and meditation practice to help you stay mentally and spiritually healthy


  • Holistic teaching approach covers Wing Chun techniques and forms, as well as strength training, meditation and more
  • Gives attention to why techniques are taught the way they are, giving the viewer a deeper understanding of the art
  • Provides progressions for harder exercises to make training accessible for all
  • Breaks training up into ‘gradings’, making goal setting easier and making the course easier to follow, especially for beginners
  • Charismatic and dedicated instructor with a deep knowledge and passion for Wing Chun


  • Extensive course content requires a large time investment (not a con for necessarily, but may not be suitable for anyone looking for a condensed overview)

Who is it for:

Anyone new to Wing Chun who’s not sure where to start. Intermediate to advanced practitioners looking for a refresher or to learn the more advanced movements. Anyone looking to become healthier in their mind and body, and learn martial arts whilst they’re at it. 

Student feedback:

“The course is so complete and full of awesome stuff. Watching what will come next got me more hyped!!! Can’t wait for week 4 to begin!!!!”

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  1. Maurice barfield

    i love mindful wing chun course
    they help you through every step along your journey and you can do on your time i don’t feel rushed or pressured

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