Wing Chun Kung Fu Does Not Require Brute Strength

The use and practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu is free of any brute strength even in confrontation with the opponent. However, when I discuss this theory with some elders of this unique Kung Fu system, I have been told off by them. They reckon that it may be able to do so when practicing on your own. It is impossible when you are confronting the opponent. As a result, they consider that my theory is highly absurd. One of them suggests that it needs to exert brute force even if a hand is raised up. If his argument is correct, it means that you need to exert brute force event if you pick up a feather. I shall let you make your own conclusion. 

Wing Chun Kung Fu Does Not Require Brute Strength

Two main reasons of why the use or practice of Wing Chun is free of strength: 

(A) Using The Principle of Circular Structure

The shape of a circle is a structure of great strength. It is not collapsed easily even if a heavy force is applied to it. An object with circular shape can withstand more pressure or beating force than an object of other shapes. Likewise, a circular object can also turn away or transfer force more easily. 

Let us analyse the Wing Chun Martial Art in detail. The important moves such as Tan Sau, Bong Sau and Fook Sau consist of an angle which is greater that 90 degree. If the Tan Sau, Bong Sau or Fook Sau are extended or continued in similar sections with connecting angles equal to that of the Tan Sau, Bong Sau or Fook Sau. They will eventually form circles. In the circle formed by a Tan Sau, the inner side of the circle will receive the opponent’s force.

Whilst in the circle formed by a Bong Sau or Fook Sau, the external side of the circle will receive the opponents force. Hence, the movements of Tan Sau, Bong Sau and Fook Sau are just like the turning of a circle. Apart from the fact that they can withstand heavy force from the opponent, they also possess strong driving force. They can turn away the opponent’s applied force with ease. 

(B) The Characteristic of Muscles 

The founder of Wing Chun Kung Fu must have discovered, a long time ago, the characteristic of muscles. Realizing that the muscle, in a relaxing state, could tolerate huge force. This has been confirmed in recent scientific experiments. A fully qualified doctor, who graduated from the University of Hong Kong, has shown me a textbook which clearly states; that muscle in relaxing state can tolerate a heavier load or greater force that the muscle in the state of contraction. 

From the above two facts as well as the results of the experiments, it can be concluded that practicing this system of Kung Fu is really free of any brute strength. 

Magnificent Power of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art

Simply from the above explanation, people will still be in doubt regarding how the attacking and destructive power is created when one is free of strength. This has to go back to the theory of “Chum Kiu” and “Biu Gee”. “Chum Kiu” can generate strong and stable force. Whilst “ Bill Gee” can generate the ‘explosive power’. As long as you practice correctly and systematically, the power can increase gradually. At that moment, you can then taste the magnificent power of the Wing Chun Martial Art. 

Three Forms of Wing Chun Kung Fu

The moves of the Wooden Dummy are made up from the moves of the three forms of Wing Chun. These are particularly practical and useful in attack. Since the wooden dummy cannot counter-attack, by just practicing the wooden dummy; one may not be able to react in the way he should be when he is being attacked. It is therefore important to practice Sticking Hands (Chi Sau) which can enable one to react adequately when being attacked. In this connection, Sticking Hands play an important role in the training of this Kung Fu system.                     

The practice of the Wooden Dummy is to utilize the Wing Chun Kung Fu movements together with the stance. Moreover, to ‘attack’ the dummy at the most appropriate angle in such a way that every move is a most effective blow hitting the dummy’s weakest point. The purpose of this training is for a person to get used to the habit of attacking the most vulnerable part of the opponent with a severe strike. It also helps to find out what your next move should be after your attack. 

Master The Moves of the 3 Empty Hand Forms

In fact, it can be concluded that, the more proficient of the three forms, the better the result will be obtained from the practicing of the wooden dummy. In other words, in order to achieve the best effect of the wooden dummy, it is necessary to master the moves of the three empty hand forms of this style of Kung Fu.

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About The Author

Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin
Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin

Chu Shong Tin trained in Ip Man’s school for 14 years and was the main teacher there, teaching for up to 12 hours on some days. The major focus in the early years of his training was the practice of “Siu Nim Tao” (meaning “Tiny Idea”). Which is the first empty-hand form and the essence of Wing Chun. This is because Ip Man used to say: “When well-versed in Siu Nim Tao, the other parts of Wing Chun training will all be well grasped and performed too.”

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  1. This explanation gives me more confidence in my believing that relaxation while fighting can overpower brute strength.

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